July 2, 2022

When Marriage Turns into an Idol

Once I was perhaps 10 or 11 years outdated, I had a dialog with my older sister about whether or not or not we every needed to be married once we grew up. I truly thought it could be fascinating to not be married, however my sister jogged my memory that our dad and mom had been, in any case, married and so they appeared to get pleasure from it. She informed me that our dad actually hoped that we’d marry — not as a result of singleness was dangerous, however as a result of having a life companion may convey such pleasure. So from then on, I just about determined I’d get married after I grew up.

It could have been a shock to my youthful self, then, to seek out out that I’m now nearing the top of school and I’m not married, engaged or relationship. In fact, I now notice that deciding to get married doesn’t work the identical method as deciding to go to school. I’m additionally studying I’ve combined feelings about singleness and marriage that lead me towards completely different, generally opposing, temptations.

These temptations are constructed upon cultural lies.

Let me clarify.

Normally, I’m superb with being single. Whereas I nonetheless think about myself getting married “after I develop up,” I don’t see singleness as being inherently missing indirectly. I additionally like the flexibleness of singleness. I’m not significantly fascinated with anybody, so why stress about not being in a relationship?

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That’s me on a very good day. On different days, I really feel lonely and anxious about being alone for years — perhaps the remainder of my life. I really feel like a failure for not with the ability to discover a boyfriend or husband (a typical lie in our tradition and even in Christian circles, and but so laborious to not imagine). I really feel inferior or at some kind of drawback in comparison with my married or engaged buddies. I dread having to reply the inevitable query: “So, are you relationship anybody?” On today, I’ve two types of reactions:

One response is to fantasize about marriage.

I purchase into the idea that if I had been married (or heading in direction of marriage), then my life would have extra function, I’d have the ability to serve the church higher, I’d have relational and sexual achievement, and I’d have the ability to face all my buddies with my head excessive after I return house and reply the dreaded query.

There are a lot of issues with these beliefs, however what makes them so convincing is that they include many half-truths: marriage does certainly contribute to relational and sexual achievement, it does mean you can serve the church in sure methods, and it does give your life a function to the diploma that you simply now have a mate to work with and a biblical house to construct. The problem, nevertheless, is that none of those statements, left alone, are fully true. They arrive from the sinful (as a result of it’s idolatrous) perception that marriage will fulfill the longings of our hearts. So long as I, and others, place marriage —  a very good and great reward from God — on this pedestal, we are going to by no means be happy with singleness or marriage.

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My different response is to despise marriage.

I consider all of the the reason why being single is best. I decide that I don’t have a want to be married and can by no means get married. And, after all, I make enjoyable of all my married buddies.

It isn’t laborious to see that such a response flows from pleasure, insecurity and my want to show (to myself, my buddies and society at massive) that I don’t want another person to make me full. Whereas it’s true that one other particular person can not full me, I’m additionally at risk of believing that I could make myself full. But we all know with St. Augustine that our hearts are stressed till they relaxation in God; due to this fact, pondering that we every could make ourselves full isn’t appropriate. We’ll solely really feel full once we belong to God.  So once more, we see an idolatrous answer to unfulfilled longings.

So what are we to do about these unfulfilled longings?

1. Acknowledge while you’re believing lies about marriage and singleness, and let Scripture fill you with the reality. As an illustration, Paul tells us that marriage is nice, and that singleness is nice (1 Corinthians 7:1-16) and the Psalms inform us that God himself satisfies our needs (16:11; 73:25-26).

2. Search your hearts for idols, trying significantly at longings that result in bitterness and jealousy, and pray for forgiveness. Doing this doesn’t imply we gained’t nonetheless wrestle with them; nevertheless, that very wrestle is what God typically makes use of to assist us to cling to Him and lengthy for Him extra.

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3. Pray about your longings. Pray for contentment and persistence, but in addition (if you happen to want to be married) pray for God to convey you a partner — merely bringing this want earlier than Him is an act of submission. By praying for God to convey us a partner we acknowledge that our needs should align with His will.. However praying about our needs is extra than simply submission. It opens our hearts to our God who cares deeply about our needs and who loves once we come to Him with them. It opens us as much as expertise His care in order that we are able to pray, together with the psalmist, “I really like the Lord, as a result of he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy. As a result of he inclined his ear to me, due to this fact I’ll name on him so long as I stay” (Psalm 116:1-2).

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